• Beats Antique

  • 7 Walkers

    Papa Mali,
    Matt Hubbard,
    Bill Kreutzmann (of The Grateful Dead),
    George Porter Jr. (of The Funky Meters)
  • Gramatik

  • Paper Diamond


  • Afroman

  • Mindelixir

  • Songs of Water

  • Mark Farina

  • Dieselboy

  • Easy Star All Stars

  • Toubab Krewe

  • VibeSquaD

  • Break Science

  • Gift of Gab


  • Cas Haley


    ft. Dave Eggar
  • Conspirator

  • 12th Planet

  • Ott

  • Papadosio

  • Midnite

  • Rising Appalachia

  • Minnesota

  • DubConscious

  • Zach Deputy

  • Govinda

  • The Polish Ambassador

  • The Pimps of Joytime

  • Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band

A phenomenal line up of musical offerings awaits
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Prefered methods of delivery include use of carrier pigeons and/or fawns.
August 31, 2012

Out the Wardrobe

DubEra with this proper glimpse into Friday night at Gnarnia, Music by Break Science – Moment 4 Life, Queen Loopy approved.   Much <3

July 26, 2012

Professor Party Pants…

bringing you a collection of some of the musical acts due to make an apperance on this side of the magic disco wardrobe…

We are very proud to be partnering with Conscious Alliance to present an “Art That Feeds” food drive at The Festival of Gnarnia. Bring 10 items of non-perishable food to receive your free event poster. The fawn shall take thine vittles to a local food bank. More details can be found at the Conscious Alliance Website.

A merging of the latest advances in digital art projection technology with the internal principles of dance Andrew Jones and Phaedra Ana are pioneering the emergence of a new type of interactive expression which has been termed fourth density dance: a unique fusion of live painting and live movement that has naturally emerged from a multilayered joint venture that pushed individual boundaries. On stage, fluidity of motion intuitively blends in with the flow of different dynamic objects moved around in space; while using a combination of proprietary software and custom digital hardware the visuals projected onto the screen behind organically tune into this motion, accentuating the dancer’s movements as they follow them in real time until a new level of spatial depth is achieved. Each performance inherently reflects unified intentions as a joint frequency between the two artists that is palpable in the intensity of the space created in the auditorium. Using sound tracks of the latest contemporary underground sound, the couple are capable of creating a physical and visual audio state of synaesthesia that has never been seen before – and which has the potential to solidify into an entirely new form of artistic expression with an infinite amount of variation in possibility.

April 28, 2012

Keys to the Castle

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The dawn of a new era of tickets has been enacted. The Keys to the Castle three day passes are now on sale. These Keys are priced at $115 plus fees.  Act now and get them before they are gone. Take heed… The Festival of Gnarnia Awaits.

Gnarnian’s can now get paper tickets at these select locations around the area for the current “Winter Clearance” price of $95.00 plus fees:

Boone, NC- LOVEISEARTH 444 King St. (Next to Capone’s)    www.loveisearth.com

Nashville, TN- LOVEISEARTH  (Available 4/19/12) 903 Church St    www.loveisearth.com

West Asheville, NC- Ox & Rabbit/Diamond Theives 1570 Patton Ave  www.diamondthieves.net

Downtown Asheville, NC- Royal Peasentry 80 North Lexington St.    www.royalpeasantry.com

The Festival of Gnarnia is fast becoming a destination event for Gnarniacs from across the Americas! We have reports of the promotion Gnarmy street lurking into cities on the northern lands of New York and Connecticut, Western lands of Colorado and Oregon, and as far south as Columbia and Chile. The kings call for the Gnarmy has brought great success in attracting fellow venturers in a quest to defeat the evil sound drones lead by the bad speaker king. Get your “Winter Clearance” ticket now, we only have a few left for $95.00 plus fees. Go to http://gnarniathefestival.com/tickets to secure your seat on the front lines of the sonic battle royal! If you want to take your service to the king to the next level, sign up to volunteer and become a member of the Gnarnia crew! Go to http://gnarniathefestival.com/festival-info/work-trade-volunteers.

March 27, 2012

Great Gnews!

So we have officially started releasing the line-up, I don’t think anyone will be disappointed! Check us out on FB at Gnarnia The Festival and see whats cooking, our initial line up will get posted this tonight in full on the music page!

March 16, 2012

Gnearly Bird Tickets

Punctuality in this kingdom knows each box of candy include a golden ticket. Chew on this, and thine passage to The Festival of Gnarnia can be charted with a limited edition pass of the Gnearly Bird. Take heed this advice, and embark on thine destiny.

The forces of the initial line up are approaching hastily from the East. We expect our rendezvous to occur on Monday March 26th, in the year of two thousand and twelve. Prepare thy self earth being.

Gnarnia is an un-official parody and is not endorsed or approved by, or affiliated or associated with Narnia® C. S. Lewis (Pte) Ltd.