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B-Boy Battles

The Battle of Gnarnia, Who’s the Gnicest?

Gnarnia is proud to present a true display of elemental hip hop at its finest.  BattleHolex Carolinas and DJ Brett Rock along with B-Boy Frantic (Universal Zulu Nation/ BattleHolex) present a 1 on 1 B-Boy (break-dance) battle and South East B-Boy Championships 2012 Qualifier event.


Most people these days simply equate Hip Hop to Rap Music and how it has been defined by the general media but, in reality, Hip Hop is an entire culture based around four basic elements: Dj ing, Graffiti, MC ing and B-Boying. A B-Boy battle is essentially, a dance competition between two individuals or crews. Since the birth of Hip Hop in the Bronx during the early 1970s, battles have and still do take place as impromptu contests “on the street” where rival members of opposing crews attempt to display their mastery of the dance over one another. These days however, a typical battle is an organized event where B-Boys come together to compete at a predetermined location and are judged by a panel of their own peers. In the spirit of these true modern B-Boy competitions, Dj Brett Rock and B-Boy Frantic, both seasoned veterans of B-Boy culture, bring the real deal. This is not the typical festival performance art showcase where people observe from a distance and clap politely for some novelty they don’t quite understand. This is an actual battle featuring B-Boys from across the South East. The format will be a single elimination, tournament-style battle judged by a panel of three, top regional B-Boys. This a chance to witness actual Hip Hop first hand, so join us at Gnarnia, learn something new, support B-Boy culture and get involved!!!

Spots are extremely limited, so if you are a B-Boy/Girl and interested in battling, you must act Gnow!!! For rules, registration, instructions, judges, prizes and additional information about The Battle of Gnarnia, get at the rules and registration.

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!! If you are not a B-Boy or B-Girl, DON’T EVEN TRY, WE WILL KNOW!!! Please be able to submit a short video (it does NOT have to be totally professional). PROOF OF TALENT IS REQUIRED.