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The Gnowledge

Prefered methods of delivery include use of carrier pigeons and/or fawns.

Bicycle Jousting

The sound of the gears turning… The whir of the revolving wheels… The wafting of faux fur in the breeze… The steel glint in bloodshot eyes of determination… The dull thud of a boxing glove on closed cell foam… Modern knights surfing a wave of adrenaline, riding on the field of valor and impaired judgment! The ancient art of jousting is revived in modern splendor! Cast aside your fears and your dignity in an all-out battle to be slapstick champion of Gnarnia! Fair maidens will swoon and fall at your feet. The keys to the kingdom will be yours. Bragging rights will be had- free of charge!

Do you dare to grace the playing field? Will you risk defeat in an attempt to be crowned champion? Remember- glory may be fleeting but anonimity lasts forever! Come and joust and all this can be yours. King Medevel Keneval will host a modern day jousting event full of pomp and circumstance, victory and defeat, chivalry and mayhem. Come one, come all to participate or to watch. It’s modern history in the making.

The Festival of Gnarnia is proud to be hosting a bicycle jousting bash of epic proportions. Friday will see an open free-for-all leading into a full-blown single elimination tournament on Saturday for a Gnarnical prize and the title of the best jouster in all the land.

All you need to do is sign up and fill out a waiver the day of, and come prepared for the melee.