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Prefered methods of delivery include use of carrier pigeons and/or fawns.

The Land of Oz

The Yellow Brick at Beech Mountain
While charting your itinerary through the Land of Gnarnia. Be sure include a trip the yellow brick road and The Land of Oz!  We aren’t kidding, there is a theme park located at the top of Beech Mountain! Take the chair lift to this absolutely stunning landscape dotted with gazebos, boulders, craggy trees and the nuances including the Witch’s Castle and even a scale replica of Dorthy’s house. Relax by the fountain, take a guided tour and gaze across the fantastic panoramic view from the Judy Garland Memorial Overlook Gazebo, all while following the 44,000 yellow bricks marking the path through this Enchanted Forest.

View from Gazebo

The top of Beech Mountain, at 5,506 feet with rocky outcroppings and gnarly, windswept trees inspired the creation of the Land of Oz.  The theme park now hosts the annual Autumn at Oz Celebration which takes place every October, attracting thousands to the majestic Beech Mountain.

Admission during Gnarnia is a mere 10 Earth Dollars (US$). The Royal Treatment VIP includes complimentary passage.

We’re off to see some of our favorite characters, “double rainbow?”, way up high in this Land of Oz and the Festival of Gnarnia!