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The Gnowledge

Prefered methods of delivery include use of carrier pigeons and/or fawns.

Camping Guidelines

Camping at The Festival of Gnarnia is PRIMITIVE, be prepared to use your survival skills. There is no electricity or running water and random creatures who have escaped the wardrobe may be lurking. Groups who do not arrive together will not be guaranteed camping together, so try to arrange arrival with your peoples. Please keep all campsites as compact as possible to ensure that there is room for your fellow campers. Please be a kind and respectful neighbor. Be prepared to pack out what you pack in. The land is absolutely gorgeous, and we intent to keep it that. Lets work together to ensure that we are stewards of the land and that we help each and everyone have enough room and a nice place to stay.

The campground will open to the public at 10:00 AM on Thursday 8/9 and everyone must be out by 12:00 PM Sunday 8/12.

We will unfortunately not be camping with our cars. Due to the terrain, cars will be parked in designated lots some of which are within walking distance. Shuttle services will be provided during all operating hours of the festival. Shuttles will be running from the festival grounds to the campsite and parking.

Campsites are located in a mostly grassy field with woods along the perimeter, please arrive early to choose a site that best serves you.

The Rules

  • You must have a camping pass to enter the camp-grounds.
  • Open fires and charcoal grills are prohibited at all times. Gas camp stoves to cook food are permitted.
  • NO pets in the campground unless it is a registered service animal.
  • NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES OR UNDERAGE DRINKING AT ANY TIME. Violators will be ejected immediately and subject to local, state, and federal laws.
  • NO glass is permitted in the campground whatsoever.
  • NO weapons, knives, fireworks, or other contraband are permitted in the campgrounds. Violators will be ejected immediately and subject to applicable legal consequences.
  • NO unauthorized vending
  • NO ATVs or other gas/electric powered vehicles
  • NO littering, please respect the mountain and your mother Earth.
  • NO Open fires or charcoal grills
  • NO Tiki Torches
  • NO renegade soundsystems
  • What to bring:

    • Camping Gear
    • Plastic tarp
    • Cooler and Ice
    • Plenty of Water
    • Flashlights and extra batteres
    • Toiletries
    • Trash and recycling bags
    • Insect repellant – Use natural scented oil extracts that don’t have deet
    • Sunscreen

    Fred’s General Store is centrally located on Beech Mountain Parkway within walking distance to one of the campgrounds.