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The Gnowledge

Prefered methods of delivery include use of carrier pigeons and/or fawns.


Gnarnia the festival is a Green Event. All waste will be recycled, or composted in efforts to minimize landfill. The festival grounds are to be left in the same or better condition than when we arrived.  Power generation for production is “carbon neutral” meaning that we are not introducing carbon into the environment. This is accomplished by using bio-diesel in our generators.

If you are interested in becoming a steward of the land in exchange for a ticket, check out the volunteer page.

We encourage all festival goers to be respectful and appreciate the environment and the beautiful ground that the festival is being held on.  

  • Please try your best to carpool to this event, not only to save gas money and space but to limit greenhouse emissions.
  • If possible, choose to bring products that can be reused or recycled instead of being thrown away.  For example, instead of bring refillable water bottles and large gallons of water rather than a lots of one time use bottles.  Refrain from using disposable styrofoam coolers.
  • NO GLASS IS ALLOWED on the festival grounds.  Not only is glass bulky and heavy but it can be dangerous to others if broken.  Glass is also less recyclable than aluminum or plastic.
  • Recycling bags will be available upon entry to the festival.  Please separate your recyclables from trash “landfill”.  Gnarnia will have a recycling center on site.
  • Smokers are encouraged to bring some sort of ashtray or container for cigarette butts.
  • Do not litter at any time during the festival.  Again, this includes cigarette butts!