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Amarru at The Festival of GnarniaAmarru is both a contemplative and explosive musical effort quickly gaining recognition for its forceful dynamic sets and fun personality. Amarru is a labor of love, a live synthesis of intuitive musicality comprised of five Asheville based musicians that have played in a wide range of projects over the years. Along with recently sharing the stage with Papadosio and the Mantras, in the past six months Amarru has been hard at work in the studio and is excited to now perform alongside great lineups in the festival circuit this Summer. The spirit of Amarru is the force of creation, the pursuit of bringing the future into the light of reality. The human question of becoming our greater self has many facets, and for Amarru it takes the form of: how can it bring its artistic aims to the highest? The band has answered that question with a quest to write challenging and inspiring music that honors genres of all types, from jazz to electronic dance music, from classical to gypsy diddies, from rock and roll to psychedelic ambience, it is Amarru’s goal to blend musical hearts and minds in a way that transcends strict definition. They are Andrew Kirk, Will Little, Sarah Fluharty, Miles Cramer and Edwin Leskin, and this project is a gift of sonic Work.