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Bitch Please

Bitch Please at The Festival of GnarniaBitch Please is the ghetto glam bastard child of Atlanta based producer Charles F. Moreland III. It was hatched in the backwoods of Kentucky, when Charles wanted to combine his love for Top 40 R&B/Hip Hop mixed with his passion of creating bass driven beats and remixes. Ranging between electro, dubstep, drum n bass and house music, Bitch Please has no problem changing up the tempo several times during a set. The idea of Bitch Please is simple: Stunner shades, champagne flowing, fur coats, and surprise remixes and vocal samples that bring back memories of drinking boxed wine in your car and getting hype to the new Master P track blasting on the radio. Bitch Please has shared the stage with MiMOSA, Ana Sia, PANTyRAiD, NastyNasty, Ana Sia, Flying Lotus, Dark Party, Treasure Fingers, Eoto, Eliot Lipp, Nosaj Thing, Ooah (of The Glitch Mob),Bluetech Live Band, Evol Intent, Ott, Ep3, as well as after parties for Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, STS9, ect. Bitch Please knows how to rage it proper so be sure and check them out at the Festival of Gnarnia.