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Imperial Blend

Imperial Blend at The Festival of GnarniaImperial Blend is a four piece Electronic/Rock group based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Heavy on ambience and sonic textures, their recorded tracks are very subtle. Soft guitar playing against tantalizing keyboards and tempered percussion riddle their music. Self described as an electronic band, they blend forms of rock, jazz, hip hop, dance, trance, funk, and all sorts of electronic music. Comprised of brothers Chris (guitar) and Dave Teague (drums), Ethan Riffe (bass), and Brennan Fowler (keyboards). Since playing their first show in late March 2011, they have gained a steady following and a lot of love.

They have shared the stage with such bands as Zoogma, Cope, Former Champions, Futexture, Cindercat, Matter of Fact, Duende Mtn Duo, Sol Flo, Electric Soul Pandemic, and Octopus.