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KDSMLJesse Shacklock a.k.a DJ KDSML, was born in the UK in 1982. He was transplanted to the U.S. in 1990 via Atlanta,GA. A few years later, at age 13, he moved to Nashville,TN, where he has now been DJing, producing and performing for 15 years. His debut album, “Secret Recipe” (released independently in 2009), received instant acclaim by the Nashville Scene and is already considered a classic among fans and peers.

KDSML’s musical roots and upbringing have made him a massive part of the Nashville subculture and influential in the underground hip-hop and electronic community. He is a founding member and resident of Nashville’s premier monthly hip-hop / mash-up event, “Mashville” that originated in 2007. Shacklock has also been at the forefront of the visual art community; collaborating with the illustrious Workforce Rebellion crew. He has been a pioneer of the local music and art scene from the start, and is now reaching audiences both nationally and abroad.


KDSML’s musical approach, utilizes Turntabilism to deliver his own brand of electronic Hip-Hop fusion. The raw power of his live execution lies in maintaining a high level of technical skill, while still keeping the crowd energized and dancing. KDSML’s repertoire consists of eclectic styles that range from experimental hip-hop and breaks to glitch-hop and dubstep. Seamlessly blending original tracks, live remixes, and precise Turntablism, Kidsmeal has become a household name across the Southeast and beyond. He has performed alongside a diverse range of artists including GZA, Z-Trip, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Rusko, Excision, Ott, Gift of Gab, The Glitch Mob, Ana Sia, Lotus, and EOTO. KDSML’s dynamic skills on the turntables have been reflected in spontaneous “sit-ins” with acts such as Two Fresh, This is ART, and Mindelixir. Recently, Shacklock has worked on Beatstation, a plugin-based recording platform designed by Swedish software company ToonTrack. KDSML recorded cuts and scratches for the program’s sample library that will be used by beat makers and producers across the globe.

Kidsmeal’s instant classic, “Secret Recipe” is now available for free download along with KDSML & SAM’s debut EP release titled, “Shack Attack”. Stay tuned for upcoming performances across the U.S.