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Machines Are People Too

Machines are people tooDream-Pop band Machines Are People Too formed in Chattanooga, TN in the sweaty summer months of ’09 when Brian began writing vocals over JJ Clark’s well-produced beats. The two began writing together and performing as Machines Are People Too at monthly dance parties with two keyboards, a laptop, and a microphone. Their self-released DIY EP consisted of 4 songs released only on cassette. Each hand-stamped tape included custom labels and provided you with a tangible alternative to free downloads.
After a year of dancing and playing with DJs, the duo was ready to expand their band and overall sound. Longtime friend, Cain Lassiter, was asked to blow his saxophone on a few tracks and proceeded to bring his other talents to the band. Now playing keys, Cain continues to add innovation to MRP2. Keeping the beat better than any beat machine and filling the gaps with style, drummer, Ivan Garcia became the perfect addition to Machines. The band’s eclectic sound and progressive music creates a live show that leaves no toes untapped and will leave you with no other choice but to let go and dance.