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Tipper at The Festival of GnarniaTipper is a prodigy of electronic music tracing back to the UK rave scene of the late 90’s. Signed to Sony as a teenager, his seminal Fuel label was acknowledged at the forefront of the NuSkool Breakbeat genre widely popular during its heyday. Evolving later as a Surround Sound composer, his award-winning Surrounded LP in 5.1 was hailed a masterful sonic achievement. Consequently, with the release of his Tip Hop thenWobble Factor albums, he helped inspire the growing West Coast Bass scene now influencing popular music in recent times.

Alchemist of some of the heaviest Bass production in Electronica, Tipper’s current incarnation as widely respected ‘Grandfather of Glitch Hop’ has him entertaining soul’d out venues and festivals with trademark performances of original music from his unreleased catalogue. Tipper’s hands-on approach to presenting music uniquely includes a NuMark CDX digital turntable, showcasing scratching that underpins his origins as both vinyl producer and DJ. His music is meant to be played loud, and when presented properly on a quality sound system Tippermusic delivers a truly inspiring experience.