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Prefered methods of delivery include use of carrier pigeons and/or fawns.

Performance Arts

Behold the visual cornucopia of performers who will deliver everything from fire spinning to stilt walking to comedy here in The Land of Gnarnia. Here is a sample of what lies ahead:


A merging of the latest advances in digital art projection technology with the internal principles of dance Andrew Jones and Phaedra Ana are pioneering the emergence of a new type of interactive expression which has been termed fourth density dance: a unique fusion of live painting and live movement that has naturally emerged from a multilayered joint venture that pushed individual boundaries. On stage, fluidity of motion intuitively blends in with the flow of different dynamic objects moved around in space; while using a combination of proprietary software and custom digital hardware the visuals projected onto the screen behind organically tune into this motion, accentuating the dancer’s movements as they follow them in real time until a new level of spatial depth is achieved. Each performance inherently reflects unified intentions as a joint frequency between the two artists that is palpable in the intensity of the space created in the auditorium. Using sound tracks of the latest contemporary underground sound, the couple are capable of creating a physical and visual audio state of synaesthesia that has never been seen before – and which has the potential to solidify into an entirely new form of artistic expression with an infinite amount of variation in possibility.


Seduction Sideshow

Bringing the best of Burlesque, cabaret, circus sideshow and vaudeville, Seduction Sideshow delivers a performance to tantalize the senses in a way you have never known before! With experienced performers from many different genres the troupe explores the sultry side of the American stage.

Seduction Sideshow was formed in the winter of 2006, with the idea of bringing an eclectic mix of erotic entertainment to the stage. These incredible performers set out to produce and star in all new kind of show that was as sensual as it was hilarious while bowing to the roots of the American variety show. Employing the arts of burlesque, cabaret, circus sideshow and vaudeville, they took the town of Asheville by storm and since its inception, Seduction Sideshow has never had an empty seat in the house.

The performers write their own material and the acts are as varied as they are entertaining. Drawing upon performers from some of the areas top performance troupes such as The Surreal Sirkus, Unifire Theatre,and the Asheville Aerial Arts, Seduction Sideshow utilizes all of its talents to bring an unforgettable show to the stage and screen. Step back in time and hear the barker of the sideshow name acts that draw from the roots of Burlesque, the Cabaret clubs of sexy song and Dance, to the hallowed halls of the vaudeville tradition. They present a show that is unique in the business and there is something for everyone. It is the show that will have you rolling in the aisles, licking your lips and all the while screaming for more. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see the top hat of tease…The Seduction Sideshow.

Liquid Sky Aerial Arts

Liquid Sky Productions is a premiere aerial and performance arts company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. They specialize in dramatic dance and acrobatics on aerial apparatuses such as aerial silks, trapeze, lyra, corde lisse, and a myriad of invented apparatuses. Liquid Sky is comprised of professional artists of varying disciplines including aerial dance, fire dance, modern dance, belly dance, contortion, acro balancing, and stilt walking. Liquid Sky members are passionate about finding unique, original, and exciting forms of expression.


Bala! is a Bollywood, Bhangra and Indian Fusion dance company founded in 2008 by internationally recognized dancer, Lisa Zahiya. Bala! is dedicated to bringing authentic, dynamic and entertaining Indian dance to Western North Carolina and beyond.

Aztec Dance

The Aztec Dance is a traditional and sacred art that has been done for a long time, it involves moves that are in connection with nature. Our main work today is to keep the traditions alive and share with tribes from different backgrounds. We have participated in different festivals and ceremonies all over the country, this indigenous dance can free minds and create positive energy. We use full regalia that includes animal feathers and other parts, we believe that the animal spirits dance with us and protect us.

Asheville Hoop Troupe

Mastering the art of the circle, Asheville Hoops Troupe will amaze and entertain you with their visually stunning performances! This four member troupe of Hoopdancers – use spectacular, brightly colored cosmic hoops. Combining dazzling costumes and tightly woven choreography – they will leave you hypnotized! Overflowing with good vibes & positive energy, this group is not to be missed!

Hyperspace Fire Arts

Hyperspace Fire Arts is an Ohio based collective of fire and cirque performance artists organized by Lindsay Nova. They use a variety of props to light up the night with their specialty being fire hoop. The group has performed at DexFest, Summer in the Winter, Rootwire, Groove Street Fest, and Katanabrella Festival, just to name a few. They have performed for such acts as Govinda, Papadosio, Elemental Groove Theory, Forest Green, and DJ Technician. Additionally, they have worked alongside national dance and entertainment companies such as Anna and the Annadroids and High Jinks Productions. Their burning passion for live music, movement, and the element of fire shines through as they perform, captivating all who see them.

Asheville Aerial Arts

Heather Poole and Waverly Jones are professional aerialists based out of Asheville, North Carolina. They are dedicated to the aerial arts, with a passion for aerial silks and lyra. Their performance style ranges from the whimsical to the macabre. They are both members of Asheville Aerial Arts, and are both instructors at Aerial Space, located in West Asheville. Heather and Waverly are available for events, parties, weddings, festivals, and gigs. They can perform solo, together, or collaborate with other professional aerialists.

The Illustrious Muse

The Illustrious MuseSprung from a land of wonder and mystery, The Muse lightly steps into this world to invoke joy and marvel. Magick drips from the edges of her form, an intoxicating elixir offering each humble drinker an abundance of pleasure. In hunting names that capture her essence…modern dance and tribal infused belly dancing gypsy, fan, fire bowls, and cape manipulating burlesque. She dances on rope, contorts on tables, writes and performs risque songs, drums, gongs, costume cultivates, and dream waves. Her mission in life – Onward, upward, and inward revelations. The Muse lives within the mystic realm of Richmond’s Party Liberation Front and is available to perform for parties, festivals, tours, showcases, and collaborations. She is a co-producer of Amazing Stage Show and Maharal. Her video resource is youtube: illustrious muse.

Whee Ah Faerie Kin

Whee Ahh Faerie Kin are a troupe of magical beings — mythical, elemental, wild & free who love to glee-fully frolic, romp and fly in search of other beings who want to play with us. On stilts, and with handmade art costumes, wings, and props, we surround folks, tall and short, young and old, one and all with blessings (close your eyes, make a wish… and so it will be), heart-full songs (singing and playing instruments), sacred bells, faerie mist, silk scarves, and other enchanting delights.

Visuals La Liaison

Visuals La LiaisonJordan La Liaison has been performing professionally as a VJ in the electronic music, festival, and burn scene for over 5 years now. Blending original creations with stock footage and classic samples from the entire span of cinema, she creates new & unique compositions to manifest an entirely new method of visual storytelling. Past performances include VJ’ing for such artists as Orchard Lounge & Bonobo, among others.


Yoga Slackers

With their skills combined, Forrest Kelly and Cate Wright invoke a dynamic slue of creative movement possibilities. Together they offer instruction in Acro yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Slackasana, Fire Dancing, Recreational Tree Climbing and Massage.The two have been practicing Acro Yoga/ Acro balance for over four years, and teaching around the US and Latin America since 2010, after completing their teachers training with Acro Yoga Montreal. Cate is an enthusiastic yoga and body work practitioner who found her passion of yoga in 2006, with a focus primarily in Ashtanga. She has continued her practice in several styles that include kundalini, hatha and yin yoga. Her teaching creatively integrates breath, alignment, and flow all with the intention of embodying our highest potential and light. With his deep love for the connection between nature and the human body, Forrest brings an adventurous spirit with a grounded and encouraging approach to teaching. Along with teaching Acro Yoga, and recreational tree climbing, he has over a decade of experience performing in circus and fire theatre shows. Forrest has recently joined forces with the YogaSlackers to form YogaSlackers Asheville with Rob Lenfestey. Forrest’s dynamic skills help him provide a strong foundation for learning movement arts.

Opera?!? Yes, Opera

Kevin Richard Doherty is a young American baritone who combines his natural sense of stagecraft with a fine full lyric baritone sound. He has sung with Shreveport Opera, Asheville Lyric Opera, Janiec Opera Company at the Brevard Music Center, Summer Garden Opera, Ashlawn Highland Summer Opera Festival, Michigan State Opera Theater and the International Opera Theater in Citta Della Pieve, Italy. Some of Mr. Doherty’s favorite roles to perform include Marcello in La Bohème, Schaunard in Bohème, Pooh-Bah in the Mikado, Dulcamara in L’Elisir D’Amore, and the title role in Gianni Schicchi. Mr. Doherty created the role of Demetrio in the world premiere of Kristin Hevner’s Il Sogno della Notte di Mezza Estate. In the summer of 2012 Kevin will make his debut in the title role of Don Giovanni in Mozart’s Don Giovanni at the Midwest Institute of Opera in Bloomington, IL.

Rock Camp Productions

Rock Camp Productions is a collaborative group of artists, musicians, designers, and performers who generate meaningful and exhilarating experiences. We pride ourselves in delivering products and services that are state of the art as well as steeped in tradition. Musical and arts events such as Zoo at Crobar NYC or the Pink Moon Festival in Rock Camp, WV bring the best in live performance, music, and entertainment together for your pleasure. Our kite team dances with the wind, we bring cave paintings to life with special lights and larger than life glowing spectacle puppet designs. We create other worldly environments that engage and awe spectators. But above all else, we are sure to leave the strongest and most positive impression possible. We accomplish these goals by playing to and from the heart. You may have seen us most recently at Impulse Music & Arts Festival and The Gathering of The Vibes.

Clan Destiny Circus

Not content with the more traditional vaudeville and variety show style of circus, Clan Destiny aims to use circus as a medium for stories that are socially relevant, inspirational, and meaningful to modern audiences. Clan Destiny Circus was formed in early 2011 by members of the Surreal Sirkus, Dreamtime Circus, the Runaway Circus’ Loose Caboose troupe, Baraka Mundi, Accidental Circus, Logos, and other local, regional and national performance troupes and acts. Clan Destiny is a part of a collective of circus artists, dancers, musicians, and visual artists, that have come together to create a tight-knit performance group that can perform Circus shows with a variety of flavors and stylizations.

Head in the Clouds, Stilt Walkers Spectacular!

Specializing in funktastic psychedelic stilt walking, stilt dancing and fantastic shape-shifting costumes. Ananda Springsteen and Ben Hamilton will delight you with their playful energy and skillful agility. You have seen them bringing the party at Bassnectar, Moogfest, LAAFF, and walking tall down the streets in Asheville, NC. Catch them on the dance floor, towering over 9 feet tall and keepin’ the vibes high!

Michael Lott & Co.

We’re talking virtuouso drum skills:
Moving fluidly between jazz, funk, latin, and breakbeat rhythms, his technical skill coupled with a high level of musical sensitivity pushes the envelope of creative percussive possibility. He’s performed with countless musical acts including 40 Furies, Habibigy, Moving Temple, and was recently featured on the Honeycutters highly acclaimed debut album. Worked with Jeff Sipe, Ed Soph, Babatunde Olatunji and performed for three Presidents. You’re gonna wanna hear this.

The Institute for the Advancement of Occultism and Aerophonics

An informal gathering of local Asheville accordionists developed into The Institute for the Advancement of Occultism and Aerophonics. We are committed to making concept driven performance art music that is actually kinda pleasant to listen to, and tinkering with sonic invocations that have the potential to open trans-dimensional portals in a hey-this-is-a-really-bad-idea-but-also-pretty-hilarious-ha-ha-kind-of-way. (That is our first song.) We are the product of a simple formula: begin with a group of accordionists, remove irony, novelty, and capitulation, and proceed to make music with whatever remains

Night-Light Bellydance

Kristi Renee has been dancing her whole life. From the wee age of 4 until today she has explored many dance forms from ballet to breakdance and the hula to flamenco. Her favorites are Odissi, an ancient form of classical Indian dance and fusion bellydance. Kristi Renee performs her improvisational dance regionally, and is also a member of the electronic music band Splynter.

Flow Fairies

The Flow Fairies are a creative collective of professional dancers skilled in a variety of performance arts. They traveling the country sharing their passions and creations with the music community, spread the flow love wherever they go! These talented ladies have worked with musicians and events such as Shpongle, Papadosio, EOTO, Rootwire Music & Arts Festival, The Werk Out Festival and Electric Forest. Their sparkling energy and creative movement turns heads as they inspire through fire and captivate within the circle!

Particle Pixies

In the last year, The Particle Pixies Frankie Smith, Nikki Bonilla, and Shelley Cope came together from the far reaches of Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee to bring a personal and dynamic experience to every individual. “Our roots all began in the dancers realm at a very young age. Then as we progressed through our journeys the rediscovery of man’s simplest treasure has finally been found in the expressive and healing art of the hula hoop. We take pride in encouraging, loving, and positively inspiring our local community through leadership, performance, and teaching”. Past live performances include shows with Zeds Dead, White Noise, Disco Biscuits, Xane FM, Dragon Boy, Detramentl, DJ Sqratchone, DJ Slinky, Noise Org and Aural Anatomy.

Erica Maryman

Erica MarymanErica was born in Louisville and is recent graduate from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion and minor in Art Studio. At the age of 3 she started dancing and performing, and ever since has possessed a love for the arts. She has been involved with dance teams since middle school and with just having finished her 4th year dancing for UK, she is looking forward to continuing her dance career with Movement Continuum, the only contemporary dance company in Lexington, KY.

She has been incorporating poi into her dance since November 2010 and became quickly adept at collaborating dance movements with the art of flow for a mix unlikely seen before. She loves performing most for friend and family gatherings, but has been seen at local events such as Beaux Arts Ball, Lexington Fashion Collaborative, and many concerts. She will also be an instructor for the upcoming PlayThink Movement Festival in Berea, KY June 8-10, teaching classes “Incorporating Poi with Dance” and “Hip/Hop and Breakdance Basics”.


Michael Parisi

Michael is an extremely dedicated flow artist who has been instructing and performing throughout the country for the past three years, devoting his life to the art. He has instructed at multiple international fire/flow arts festivals including FLAME Festival, Kinetic Fire Festival, and Camp Fire Retreat. You can also find Michael instructing at upcoming festivals such as, Spark Fire and Flow Retreat, Wildfire Retreat, and Florida Flow Fest, just to name a few.
Passionate beyond words about teaching and performance, Michael is on the tip of the iceberg in the worldwide flow arts community, delivering with an eager and easy-to-understand teaching style, providing classes for all ages and skill levels. Through his performance, Michael creates a graceful illusion stemming from his sense of rhythm and his ability to fully engage the flow state. His fun, hypnotic energy always leaves his audience in awe.

Haley Calhoun

“My name is Haley Calhoun and I’m from Somerset, Kentucky and recently moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky. I picked up stixs for the first time three to four years ago. After learning the flow of the stixs and understanding how they work I decided to try it with fire and fell in love with the hobby and haven’t been able to put them down since. I practice at least a few times a day. It is more than a hobby it’s about the passion, flow, connection and beauty of the art of fire, playing with fire relaxes me. I always get a very intense reaction from people after I spin. Fire stixs has become a huge part of my life that I would truly be delighted to share, introduce, inspire, teach, & spread joy around the world through fire performance. I’ve been seen performing at Karma Arts & Music festival 2011 & 2012, Dex Fest 2011, Terrapin Hill Harvest Fest 2011, & Wakarusa 2012. I’m so excited to listen to some good music and share my passion with everyone at Gnarnia!” -Haley

Lucy Dreams

This high energy performer from Wilmington, NC has been in the game for 3 years in which time she has had the pleasure of working with All Good, R.evolution Beach Fest, Mayhem (the burn), Mama Burke’s Burlesque, and Project Chalk just to name a few. Watch for this Lucid Sprite to spontaneously combust throughout the festival, but watch closely…. She can disappear in the blink of an eye.