• Beats Antique

  • 7 Walkers

    Papa Mali,
    Matt Hubbard,
    Bill Kreutzmann (of The Grateful Dead),
    George Porter Jr. (of The Funky Meters)
  • Gramatik

  • Paper Diamond


  • Afroman

  • Mindelixir

  • Songs of Water

  • Mark Farina

  • Dieselboy

  • Easy Star All Stars

  • Toubab Krewe

  • VibeSquaD

  • Break Science

  • Gift of Gab


  • Cas Haley


    ft. Dave Eggar
  • Conspirator

  • 12th Planet

  • Ott

  • Papadosio

  • Midnite

  • Rising Appalachia

  • Minnesota

  • DubConscious

  • Zach Deputy

  • Govinda

  • The Polish Ambassador

  • The Pimps of Joytime

  • Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band

A phenomenal line up of musical offerings awaits
Thine Mtn Abode
Condos Cabins Camping and Chalets
Land of Oz
Take travel past the relm of Gnarnia into the Land of Oz.
Hikes and Trails
Waterfalls, Beech Mountain and Local Attractions

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The Gnowledge

Prefered methods of delivery include use of carrier pigeons and/or fawns.

We are pleased to announce, the festival of Gnarnia will be held at Beech Mountain Resort, in Beech Mountain, NC. This unique outdoor venue is located in Eastern America’s Highest Town, with an elevation of 5,500 ft. It weighs in at just over a mile above sea level. The resort rests upon 150 acres that boast breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Gnarnia at Beech Mountain Resort

Beech Mountain Resort features restaurants, a club, bars, as well as other first class amenities. A ski lift will take you to the top of the mountain where you can enjoy activities or just take in the spectacular view.

Camping right? Actually… We’re doing this one in a different style

This is a destination festival where guests can choose from the plethora of very reasonably priced cabins, condos, and chalets available directly surrounding the resort, most of which are within walking distance to the front gate! Expect lodging at approximately $89 a night that sleeps 4, or approx $120 to sleep 6. That’s only about $20 dollars a night, and you won’t have to worry about how impossible it is to roll up that muddy tent. We know first hand that going “home” to sleep in a bed at a festival is absolutely amazing. With all the showers around, Gnarnia may even smell better than most “enchanted lands”.

February 1, 2012

Gnow you Gnow

The beholders of all things social shall announce good gnews as it transpires. Get at us where the bird doth tweet. Friend us, upon ye book of faces.  For the latest and greatest and special deals on tickets and other activities join the Gnarnia Email Gnewsletter. Hollla……

January 20, 2012

Gnarnia Awaits

As we journey around the sun, a brief window in time draws near. A unique moment for creative human expression comes to light. Far beyond the dirty sneakers forgotten in the depths of your closet, amongst the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, exists the festival of Gnarnia. For four days this refuge satisfies a special yet sophisticated taste with a legendary mélange of musical acts, performance arts, and artistic craftsmanship.

You are cordially invited to the festival of Gnarnia, August 9-11th 2012.

Gnarnia is an un-official parody and is not endorsed or approved by, or affiliated or associated with Narnia® C. S. Lewis (Pte) Ltd.