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May 17, 2012

Professor Stoked on Phadroid!

A merging of the latest advances in digital art projection technology with the internal principles of dance Andrew Jones and Phaedra Ana are pioneering the emergence of a new type of interactive expression which has been termed fourth density dance: a unique fusion of live painting and live movement that has naturally emerged from a multilayered joint venture that pushed individual boundaries. On stage, fluidity of motion intuitively blends in with the flow of different dynamic objects moved around in space; while using a combination of proprietary software and custom digital hardware the visuals projected onto the screen behind organically tune into this motion, accentuating the dancer’s movements as they follow them in real time until a new level of spatial depth is achieved. Each performance inherently reflects unified intentions as a joint frequency between the two artists that is palpable in the intensity of the space created in the auditorium. Using sound tracks of the latest contemporary underground sound, the couple are capable of creating a physical and visual audio state of synaesthesia that has never been seen before – and which has the potential to solidify into an entirely new form of artistic expression with an infinite amount of variation in possibility.

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